Transit-Oriented Development

This project shows how multi-use buildings and housing can stabilize and enhance a neighborhood through thoughtful transit-oriented design. Unfortunately, this project did not come to fruition.

The project completes a site that is occupied by a bus transfer center which left two 90-foot-wide parcels unused. One parcel is transformed into a wooded detention area with walking trails and parking while the other parcel acts as a drive lane to access to the back property that currently holds a second detention area. The apartments that are sited in the property connecting the two parcels overlook a hardscaped lake and the lush foliage of the detention area.

A five-story multi-use building, placed at the corner of a major thoroughfare and a minor street, contains 7,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, management offices, and apartments on the upper floors. The placement allows upper-floor views to the active streetscape and the protected plaza to the southeast. Perforated metal guardrails and west-facing screens provide shade against the summer sun. Easily-maintained burnished concrete block and fiber cement panels complete the commercial fa├žade.