Terramar Beach HouseGalveston, Texas

Light and air are major themes of this house along the Texas Gulf Coast. The client asked for a small, comfortable house to accommodate gatherings of family and friends, and to include spaces for private retreat. Unlike its neighbors, this house is oriented to sun north and sits at an angle to the property lines in order to restrict the views to adjacent houses and maximize the experience of the sky and bay views, seasonal changes, and migratory birds.

The first level contains the main living/dining/kitchen area, two bedrooms, and bathroom. The second level houses the master bedroom area, study, and utility room. A smooth transition between interior and exterior is created by continuing exterior colors and materials into the living area. All materials were selected for affordability, easy maintenance, and their ability to withstand the salty air. The house conforms to Galveston’s post Hurricane Ike building codes.

Time is spent relaxing with friends and family on the back kitchen porch in the morning, the shaded area below the house at midday, and on the back and master bedroom porches as the sun dips below the horizon of the Gulf waters.

“Our vision for our home by the bay was to bring the outdoor landscape into the house wherever we were. Carrie Glassman Shoemake and her team at GSMA exceeded our expectations in every regard. With superior listening skills, they deeply understood our goals and created a beautiful home by the bay that is a place of respite to all of us. GSMA truly created a gem by the bay that will serve as a gathering point for our family on the Third Coast!” – Client