Milford AvenueHouston, Texas

Conceived for an artist, her husband, and daughter, this design responds to the clients’ desire for a house that evokes a sculptural quality and provides the backdrop for an art collection.

The house is divided into a series of geometric forms under its simple gabled roof. Two rectangular wings are divided by the cylindrical stair form, which can be seen through a proscenium arch that frames the house. Two “zippers” of glass emphasize the separation of the two wings and bring natural light deep inside. One wing houses the living room with two bedrooms above; the other the kitchen, study, and a master suite. In between is the double-height dining room, enveloped by the spiraling stair. Generous windows, skylights, and glass doors allow natural light to fill the house, animating the interiors and strengthening the indoor/outdoor connection.

“Curved forms and expansive windows that fill the rooms with a natural light heighten the emphasis on spaces with an indoor/outdoor feeling.” – Houston Chronicle

“Thanks to a combination of color, light, and material, the house emanates a warm and elegant atmosphere.” – Houston Chronicle

“The idea here is to create a utilitarian existence that conforms to an individual’s lifestyle — a concept that has become familiar territory for architects Carrie Glassman Shoemake and Ernesto Maldonado.” – Paper City


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