Jackson Street StudioHouston, Texas

GSMA’s Jackson Street Studio has a recessive, quiet presence in its densified residential context of Houston’s Museum Park Neighborhood. Conceived as three shed-roofed volumes in a garden, each form defines a function of the building. The front volume, clad in white-painted siding, holds the conference room; the middle red volume contains the entry and reception functions and separates the conference space from the studio space, which is housed in the rear, grey-paneled volume. Vaulted ceilings follow the roof slopes and create light-filled and airy interiors. The studio space receives light from two sides: eastern light is moderated by a 15 foot deep bamboo and yaupon garden, which is used for lunch breaks and private conversations, while¬†western light is tempered by three mature Cinnamon Bark Crape Myrtles salvaged and transplanted from a client’s garden. Interior studio and conference room walls are lined with cork for casual collaborations and formal presentations. The conference room is made available to local non-profit organizations for their board meetings. Operable windows catch southeast breezes throughout the building. The front gate with perforated metal panels completes the site and provides security, visibility, and a playful note at the street.


Houston Architectural Guide, 3rd Edition, AIA Houston, 2012