Avalon PlaceHouston, Texas

The design of this family home evokes the sensibility of the traditional New England shingle style. Sitting modestly on its River Oaks street, it gives the appearance of having been added-to over time. Its discrete volumes allow family and friends to gather together in comfortable public spaces or to retreat to more private and secluded areas. Children’s rooms are located on the second floor, above the active kitchen and family room, while the master bedroom is quietly placed at the back of the house on the first floor. The plan and design’s careful attention to detail gracefully accommodates the day-to-day events of family life.

“You asked all the right questions and got to the heart of what kind of space we live in most comfortably. That is one of your great talents as an architect, to understand how people live, and it shows in every detail of our house.” – Client

“I have always dreamed of a house just like this — a New England shingle style house — ever since I was a little girl. Many, many thanks for helping me turn my dream house into a reality.” – Client